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About Us

The Sainsbury Centre Board is a committee of UEA Council. It meets three times a year and is responsible for setting overall policy and strategy and for ensuring resources are in place to deliver the strategic objectives.


  • Professor Edward Acton, Vice-Chancellor of UEA
  • Professor T D Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, UEA
  • Professor T B Ward, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, UEA
  • Professor Yvonne Tasker, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (chair)
  • Professor Paul Greenhalgh, Director of the Sainsbury Centre
  • Professor Steven Hooper, Director of the Sainsbury Research Unit
  • Mr Simon Blakey
  • Professor John Mack, Head of the Sainsbury Institute for Art
  • Ms Laura McGillivray
  • Mr Alan Bookbinder
  • Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll
  • Mrs Sheila Read
  • Dr Simon Dell, Head of the School of World Art Studies and Museology
  • Eli Avrahampour
  • Gwyn Miles
  • Lord David Cholmondeley

Terms of Reference

  • To manage the galleries and to conserve and display the Sainsbury Collection consistently with the terms of the Deed of Gift from Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury and the conditions of the Endowment Funds, all remaining terms of reference being subordinate to this objective.
  • To determine the budget for the annual income received by the University from the Sainsbury Centre Endowment and UEA 91 Funds, and to submit an annual report to the Trustees of the SCVA Endowment Funds after the end of each financial year showing how this income has been used.
  • To be responsible for expenditure from income received from the University, the SCVA Endowment Funds, and its own fund-raising activity.
  • To be responsible for the security and well-being of the University's art collections housed in the Centre and elsewhere, the hours of opening of the Centre and the conditions of access to the collections for members of the University and for the general public.
  • To be responsible for special exhibitions and special events in the Centre.
  • To determine the use and allocation of such accommodation in the Centre as falls within the remit of the Board.
  • To establish appropriate standards for the protection of the visual environment of all areas of the Centre, having regard to the design concept of the building.
  • To have regard to the interests of all users of the Sainsbury Centre building.
  • To receive regular reports from the Director concerning the loan for exhibition elsewhere of works from the Sainsbury Collection with the consent of Lady Sainsbury, and of other works under its governance.
  • To be responsible for the production and sale of catalogues, slides, photographs, reproductions and the like and for other activities in keeping with the spirit and purposes of the Centre from which a profit is intended; the profit to be allocated to the income of the Board.
  • To submit an annual report to the Council.
The Board