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Heroes or Villains?

8th Jun 2004 - 18th Jul 2004

Heroes and villains embody our desires and dislikes, serving both as aspirational models and figures upon which to heap hatred. But why is a hero to one person a villain to another?

Heroes or Villains?

Heroes or Villains?

Political issues were examined through displays of prominent political movements and leaders...

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This exhibition examined the transitory nature of the hero or villain figure in relation to time and society. Using fascinating examples from ancient times to the twenty-first century, the exhibition highlighted our subjective interpretation of these figures, inviting the viewer to question their own perceptions and prejudices about who is a hero and who is a villain.

The show presented artworks, films and objects on a range of subjects, beginning with Achilles whose behaviour during the Trojan War illustrated the hero/villain dichotomy. Religious issues were looked at in relation to Mary Magdalene and Darwinism. Popular culture was explored through a number of examples from pirates to Michael Jackson whilst political issues were examined through displays such as the Suffragettes, Northern Ireland, Thomas Paine of Thetford, Margaret Thatcher and George W. Bush.

Heroes or Villains? was an exhibition curated by the MA Museology students from the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Norwich.